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We’ll Clean Out Your Garage—Not Your Wallet!

Home & Estate Cleanouts - Connecticut Junk Removal LLC

We specialize in Home, whole house and Estate cleanouts, please call us for a free phone consultation and no obligation site check of your home or estate.

We treat all of our customers with compassion and respect, if you are in a situation that requires, Sensitivity, Efficient, Safe & Professional Handling of your Estate Cleanout needs, please call us to find out why we are your first choice.


The death of a parent or loved one or having to place family members in assisted living facilities or hospice often sends families into a tailspin of emotions. However, as the initial trauma eases, loved ones face the challenge of settling the estate. From dividing keepsakes to disposing of unneeded items, the task often seems like an impossible combination of hard work, grief, and decision-making. For adult children, cleaning out a deceased parent’s home often feels like in insurmountable burden for which they were never prepared.

At Connecticut Junk Removal , we want prospective clients to know that they don’t have to go through this situation alone.

We specialize in cleaning out a deceased’s estate, and our primary focus is on homes affected by hoarding behaviors. Unlike basic junk removal services, we approach estates with compassionate care and strive to help families accomplish their individual goals.

For example, many of our clients hope to salvage certain keepsakes or see if anything of value remains beneath the clutter. In these cases, we work collaboratively to sort, clean, and organize while also disposing of unwanted items. Other clients might need the home completely overhauled so that it can be put up for sale.

While estate clearing is already difficult enough, what happens when the parent exhibited hoarding behaviors? Excessively cluttered or hoarder homes present both physical and emotional challenges for the deceased’s loved ones. How do you clean out a house after a death when the home has become so overwhelmed with stuff? How will you sort through it all, especially if parts have become unsanitary?

Because we fully remediate homes within days—not weeks—we save our clients money and time so that estates settle faster and easier. Each and every project is unique, which is why our personalized approach has made us the go-to estate clearing service for Fairfield & New Haven County

We work to clear the property, clean and clear out the clutter, and restore it so that it is Reusable or sellable. Your family deserves professional help and support when tackling this tough situation. No matter how bad the condition of the home, let us streamline your loved one’s estate clearing so that your family can move forward to a place of hope and healing.


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