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Free Stuff

Welcome to our Free Junk Removal page!

This page offers ways to do your own junk removal free!

At Connecticut Junk Removal LLC, we are always trying to give back to our local communities that have supported our family business for 80 years, especially during this time of need, many families are suffering financial difficulties and maybe unable to pay for junk removal service. We Sincerely hope the information on this page can help you.

Did you know?, lots of stuff that you think is junk, is really something other people can reuse!. 50% of everything we remove from people's homes is very much reusable.

Here are several ways you can get rid of your junk for free!

Looking for FREE Stuff?, fill out our request from below

Rent a Truck and do your own junk removal ! – Home depot rents trucks cheap, so does Budget and Uhaul, they have cheap 4 hour rentals or 1 day rentals, just be sure you have the appropriate pass to get into your local town dump, in most cases you have to show proof of residency to dump at your local disposal site.

Do you have reusable furniture or fairly good stuff?, 50% of everything we haul away is reusable. Place a Free AD on craigslist. Many people do this and have success at getting rid of their old junk. You would be surprised at what you think is junk that somebody else thinks is treasure! Place a free ad and watch it disappear!! Save big $ on your junk removal bill.!  The best way to do a free ad is to NOT put your phone number or address in the AD, just take pictures and post it, then respond to emails that are from polite, friendly sounding responsive people, then give them the address. but be careful browsing the free ads yourself..you might end up with more junk! ..lol.. > click here for fairfield county craigslist free ads. 

Do you have just to much stuff & furniture that is in pretty good condition?..and your getting ready to pay somebody to take it away just to make space?.Turn it into cash! .25% of everything we haul away is resell able..Sell your stuff on craigslist or “offerup” the easiest most effective way is to put your stuff in the garage take pictures and put your stuff up for sale at “offerup” 

Plan ahead for nice weather on a Saturday and Put your stuff on the front lawn, you can try piling up your reusable stuff on the front lawn for neighbors to take. This can be an effective way to get rid of your junk for free. But without signs or a free ad the junk could get unsightly after awhile and start to attract unwanted visitors and rodents. Also if it stays out to long it will end up getting rained on and wet. Consider placing a free ad on craigslist to attract more people, i would recommend NOT putting your phone number in the AD.

Check out our own “guru master of junk removal” blog post article describing ways and methods on how to “clean-out out a house full of junk”.  also this article “tips on doing your own junk removal”

Donate your old stuff ! rent a truck at home depot for 50.00 and load it up..this is your best option if you have fairly good stuff and you have a little extra time, it really doesn’t take that long and you will save BIG$… forget about paying somebody! lol..Bring your old stuff to goodwill or salvation army or habitat for humanity.  we are always donating stuff to these fine organizations. they are always very welcoming and friendly ready to gladly accept your old stuff to help needy families.

Below are some useful links to donation centers in this area.
Also 2 websites below that require you to set up an account, its easy and its free,
we have been using these sites for years. they are very reputable.

We have FREE STUFF! We periodically clear out our warehouse in Norwalk & New Haven, we will post the FREE AD on craigslist when we do, in the meantime  check out our free junk page to see if you can use any of the free stuff we currently have, Please do not call our office: use our “free stuff ” contact form above, thank you!

If you do not have time to deal with charity organizations, or place free ads on craigslist or you are apprehensive about putting an unsightly pile of junk on your front lawn with a free sign….

Please contact us for fast junk removal service 7 days week.

COVID-19 – Our company is committed to safe operating procedures. Your safety and health and that of our employees is the highest priority during this time. We have extensive precautionary measures in place to ensure the best possible safe practices, including wearing n95 masks and protective gloves at all times while providing  our customers with the highest level of quality service possible.

Thank you for choosing Connecticut Junk Removal LLC, We care.