Free Stuff

We are committed to giving back to the communities we service, after many years in this business we have connected with lots of people, organizations & local charities that will accept a lot of the stuff we haul away from people’s homes that is reusable. We also give stuff away on craigslist , our family has been reusing and recycling for generations, its built into our DNA!

Here are several ways you can get of your junk for free!

Place on Free AD on craigslist, many people do this and have success at getting rid of their old junk, but beware it’s not for everyone, lots of people will come to your house banging on your  door day and night looking for free stuff.

Donate your old stuff of course you can always donate your old stuff to goodwill or salvation army or habitat for humanity, we are always donating stuff to these fine organizations, however, we have found that they my take many weeks before they can get to your house and then they do not take everything, they will only pick through, and take the best stuff they can resell.

Here are some useful links to donation centers in this area:

  • Salvation Army Norwalk CT
  • Goodwill - CT
  • Habitat for humanity Stratford CT

We have FREE STUFF! We periodically clear out our warehouse in Norwalk, we will post the FREE AD on craigslist when we do, in the meantime  check out our free junk page to see if you can use any of the free stuff we currently have, thank you!

Please do not call our office: Use our contact form 

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