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Welcome to Frequently asked questions Page

Here you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions for junk removal companies. Please do not hesitate to call or text us with any questions you may have that are not listed or if you require more information about how our junk removal service works.

How does junk removal service work?

Junk removal is the process by which our company comes to your location to remove unwanted items, garbage, furniture & waste. Transports the debris to a local transfer station. A transfer station is also called the town dump, everytown in Connecticut has a transfer station.

What does a junk removal company do with all of the junk?

A junk removal company transports junk to a disposal site, this could be your town dump, or a state or town recycling facility. Stuff that is reusable is transported to a donation center like goodwill.

What much does junk removal cost?

Rates for junk removal services vary according to the volume of debris and how long it takes to remove. Expenses that a junk removal company incur are disposal fees by weight, gas , labor. Connecticut Junk Removal LLC operates and extremely efficient business with years of experience thus leading to lower rates overall.

What do you do with old pianos?

People are sensitive about their old pianos, most of the time they have been in the family for many years but at some point will need to get rid of it. We will recycle or donate your family heirloom. check our piano removal page for more info

Do you remove Gas, Oil and household chemicals?

Yes & no, This is certainly a frequently asked question.  We can usually help our customers safely dispose of haz-waste. Most of the time we direct the customer to a haz-waste recycling facility. Also each town is equipped to receive your haz-waste 1 day per year at an event call “haz-waste day”. Some  situations when customers that are selling their home in an expedited closing do not have time to wait for this special day. In the event that you are in this situation. We may be able to help transport a small amount of haz-waste to the appropriate recycling facility or most of the time residential haz-waste is just plain reusable, we reuse household cleaning chemicals, oil and paint and lots of time we give reusable paints and cleaning chemicals to friends, family & neighbors. Please call to discuss your hazardous waste removal situation.

Does Connecticut junk Removal llc recycle?

Yes, we Sort, recycle , reuse and donate everything we haul away from residential homes and commercial business.

What does it mean that you reuse & recycle everything?

During the junk removal process, we sort and separate everything. We Reuse – most of our customers throw away stuff that can be reused, we have a large extended family, friends & neighbors that we give perfectly reusable items to. We Donate – When we are not giving stuff away we donate to local charities like Goodwill. We Recycle – Everything else is recycled in someway, so for instance at the town dump they have seperate bins for metal, tires, wood & garbage.  Every town dump is also called a transfer station, that means everything brought in by residents and companies must be sorted and separated, so for instance tires go into the tire bin, metal objects & items go into the metal bin, bulky waste goes into the large garbage hopper bin. The town then takes all the bins and “transfers” it out to the appropriate 3rd party recycler, so for instance all metal gets transported out of the transfer station,  to a metal recycler in Connecticut. they melt it down to be reused & turned back into useful stuff that is made of metal.

How do I Get rid old Paint cans?

A lot of homeowners often ask “how do i get rid of old paint cans”?  Paint cans can be a challenging removal item for many reasons. First of all we can only remove latex paint because its recyclable. We can also help remove oil based paint but it needs to be transported to a hazardous waste facility. Paint can spill not only during the process of handling it but also when it’s dumped out at the disposal site, that’s why we charge an extra fee for properly handling your old paint cans

Does Connecticut junk Removal Donate?

Yes we donate. Whenever its possible we transport donatable items to the local donation centers. however most homeowners do not understand this process fully. Donation centers only take what they can resell, so your potential donatable items  must be in very good condition. We have a trained eye for donatable items and we never throw anything out that can be reused by us, our family our neighbors or donated to goodwill or the donation center of your choice

How does the Estate cleanout process work?

Our estate cleanout process is very comprehensive. We work with our customers on a very personal basis to provide junk removal solutions for what is usually a sensitive situation. Visit our estate cleanout page for more information

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