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Welcome to our Junk Boat removal page.

We recommend that you try first placing a Free AD on Craigslist. If your trailer is in good condition, someone might even remove the junk boat free just for the trailer.

If your trailer is in road worthy condition and you have an outboard motor, this whole boat removal process will be easier and cheaper, you may be able to do this yourself with the information provided below or we can trailer it to a disposal site for you, for a nominal fee. 

If your inclined , and your trailer is good, you can bring your junk boat here: Most City Carting transfer stations in Fairfield & New Haven county accept junk boats, also Cherry Hill  Waste management in North Branford takes boats. YOU Can to bring it to them, call them before you go, they charge a crushing fee and disposal fees by weight . You may have show proof of ownership. Or If your handy with tools, cut it up, or rent a backhoe loader from home depot, crush it into manageable pieces, load it into a dumpster. 

Connecticut Junk Removal LLC – Removes Large Boats

How our Large Boat Removal Service Works:

We can Remove your Large old boat. Be prepared to realize that this will be expensive. The Junk Boat Removal process sometimes involves removing the inboard engine and the gas tank, in other situations the engine does not have to be removed but the oil and gas MUST be removed prior to transport to any recycling facility. Some disposal sites we use require the engine to be separated , sometimes the entire gas tank must be removed. We then transport the debris to various recycling facilities. We have to pay a Crushing fee and disposal fees by weight. Most boats are contaminated with oil and gas, We have to adhere to EPA Removal Regulations by removing the hazardous waste.

Sometimes large old junk boats have to be cut up and demolished on site. This usually involves the use of loader backhoe and a dumpster.  in other situations we have to separate it from your old broken trailer and haul it away on a custom hydraulic lifting trailer. Sometimes we use a flatbed truck with a winch to pull it up on, but this process usually involves separating the trailer first. The logistics involved in removing a large old boat can get very involved, be prepared to realize potential damage to the lawn area.

We have the experience to handle your large boat removal situation.

Price List here is just a guide, All of our junk removal services are all inclusive. Each boat removal situation is different, is it wood, fiberglass or metal? is it on a trailer? our boat removal service is not available in all areas. 

  • Boats under 12ft - 200 - 600.00
  • Boats - 12 - 17 ft - 600 - 1500.00
  • Boats - 17ft - 19 ft - 1200 - 2500.00
  • Boats - 19ft - 25ft - 2500 - 4500.00
  • Boats 25ft - 30 ft - 4500 - 10,000.00

All boat removal quotes are always all inclusive, thank you for considering Connecticut Junk Removal LLC for your junk boat removal needs.

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Customer Reviews

“Fast, flexible, and fairly priced! We had a mattress and other large and small items that needed to be removed and it couldn’t have been an easier process at a great price. I highly recommend giving Glenn a call at CT Junk Removal.”
“Glenn, the owner, was friendly, prompt, and professional. He quoted me a price over the phone based on what I thought was still in the “take it for free” pile on my lawn, though I wouldn’t know for sure until later. He ended up giving me a much better rate. I would highly recommend him.”
“Connecticut Junk Removal was amazing. Glenn was quick to pick up the phone and answer all my questions. I called in the morning and they were able to pick it up the same day! Tom was on time, very friendly and removed every item quickly. I will for sure be using them again!”