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We’ll Clean Out Your Garage—Not Your Wallet!

Prompt and Reliable Hauling Services for Your Every Need

Junk Removal Services

Are you looking for junk removal in Fairfield or New Haven County CT? If so, Connecticut Junk Removal Removal can help with any type of junk or garbage removal needs. Whether you're a homeowner,business owner or commercial property manager. We have the trucks, specialized equipment and crew to get the job done.

Featured in "Best of Fairfield County" / New haven Go Magazine

We haul away junk for you! - Here are some of the Junk & Furniture removal services and Debris removal services we offer near you in Fairfield and New Haven County CT

Wondering who takes old junk appliances or how to get rid of them? We can help. Let us take away your broken refrigerator, dispose of your microwave, remove your old washer and dryer, or haul away your old hot tub.

  • Refrigerator Recycling
  • Washer and Dryer Removal
  • Water Heater & Boiler Removal
  • Hot Tub & Spa Removal

Wondering how to get rid of old junk furniture or what to do with an old mattress? Our professional junk haulers can take those, too!

  • Furniture Donation Pickup
  • Old Furniture Pickup & removal
  • Office junk, Debris & Furniture Removal
  • Mattress & Boxspring Removal

Looking for yard clean up services, general trash removal, or bulk pickup of your cardboard and packing materials? Our garbage removal professionals can do all of this, and more.

  • Rubbish, Garbage & Clutter Removal
  • Yard Waste debris & Brush Clean-Up
  • Bulk Cardboard Removal
  • Packing Materials Removal
  • Tire Disposal & Recycling
  • Bulk Recycling Pickup

Have a construction site in need of clean-up? Is a roll off dumpster rental too big, too unsightly, or too damaging for your site? We can remove construction debris from your commercial or residential project. or rent you a small home-owner dump trailer.

  • Construction Waste & Debris Disposal
  • Waste debris Collection
  • Yard Junk Disposal
  • Post Construction Cleaning
  • Construction Site Cleanup & Remediation

Why do some people find it impossible to get rid of old junk & newspapers? , and end up hoarding them instead?

New research suggests that hoarders have unique patterns of brain activity when faced with making decisions about their possessions, compared with healthy people. And despite the fact that hoarding has traditionally been seen as a symptom or subtype of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), brain activity in those who cannot de-clutter is also distinct from that of people with typical OCD, the study shows.

Do you you have a family member  who is a hoarder? do you need help to declutter a home or garage? Our junk removal specialists can remove hoarder debris.



Did you get a warning notice or fine for illegal dumping violation in Fairfield or New Haven County? We can help you get the site cleaned up ASAP. We work 7 days a week and are often available for same-day junk removal. Call us at 203-866-1990

Piano Removal & Disposal Service For Fairfield County

Let us remove your piano - Local - Trusted - Fully Insured - Experienced Professionals

Looking to get rid of an old Piano? We can remove it for you safely. Many People get stuck with old upright, baby grand pianos and even grand pianos. Whether it was inherited, left behind by a previous tenant or landlord, it can cause headaches and become an eyesore, as well as take up valuable space. Some people may even endure the bulky instrument in their properties thinking that it's worth lots of money since its an antique.

Old Pianos may definitely be antiques, however not in the same category as an old Victorian bedroom set that belong to great grandparents. These old instruments get worn out after decades or centuries of use, and may easily cost thousands of dollars to restore. Unfortunately, unless your piano is a family heirloom in excellent condition or made by a well-known master craftsman, it may not be worth restoring at all.

One thing is for sure, these old instruments are extremely heavy and bulky. Connecticut Junk Removal can help you get rid of your old piano, we specialize in piano removal services. We Donate most of the pianos we remove.

Call or Text us now and schedule a Piano Removal (203) 866-1990

Watch us in Action!

Pricing varies for our piano removal service, please call us for a no obligation

 price quote over the phone, we charge a flat rate - all inclusive price.


Receive an Instant Price quote -

Save time by TEXTING A picture of your piano and front steps area to

(203) 866-1990

​Thank you for considering our company for your 

piano removal needs.

House Cleanouts, Estate Cleanouts, Hoarder Cleanouts

Shed Removal, PlaySet Removal, Garage Demolition

We tear it down and then haul it away! Outdoor & Interior Demolition & Junk Removal Services. Sheds, Garages & More! Affordable Rates. Friendly Service. Call now for an estimate! We charge flat rate all inclusive pricing for all of our services.

Fully Insured - Professional & Experienced - Local & Trusted Since 1935

Call Connecticut Junk Removal Today!

Please Call Glenn Jennings at (203) 866-1990

Text a Picture of your old shed to (203) 866-1990 Please browse our picture show and see how its done!

The Jennings Family is at your service.

Trusted & Local Since 1935

Thank you for considering Connecticut Junk Removal LLC

for your shed your removal needs.

(203) 866-1990

Swing Set Removal - Play Set Removal


One of the big items on your backyard cleanup could be swing set removal. That old set of swings has sat idle ever since the kids grew up. Now it is just taking up space. As sad as it might be to admit those kid have outgrown those swings, there are more practical things you can put in that space. Please Call Glenn Jennings at Connecticut Junk Removal LLC, we can quickly and safely remove your old swing set and we are fully insured. We do not drive on your lawn to gain access, we have special turf dollies that we use top transport the debris to the truck, we clean up, leaving minimal impact to your lawn and property.

Cost of swing and playset removal Varies according to size and difficulty.

Simply Text a picture of your old swing set to (203) 866-1990

We will quickly assess the removal cost and give you an affordable all inclusive price quote.

Browse our picture show to see how professionals get the job done!

Watch us in action!

Thank you for considering Connecticut Junk Removal For your swing set removal needs.

​Call us 7 days a week (203) 866-1990

Furniture & Junk Removal Services

We work with both Residential and Commercial customers to provide furniture removal Services. We will pick up furniture from anywhere in our service area. In any case, no job is too large or too small for our service.

How much does Furniture Removal Cost?

Pricing for furniture removal includes the loading, hauling, disposal or recycling fees. We charge by the volume , so the price that we quote depends on how much furniture we'll be hauling and the size of each. There are never any hidden fees when using Our Junk Removal Service

We offer On-Demand Junk Removal, Junk Hauling, Demolition and Recycling Services - Solutions for Every Need!

  • Attics, Basements and Backyards - We Go Anywhere!

  • Furniture, Appliances, Electronics and Yard Waste

  • Hot Tubs, Sheds, Swingsets and Fences

  • We Donate To Goodwill and Salvation Army

Here’s another list items we accept and services we provide:

  • Kitchen Appliances Refrigerators / Stoves

  • Water Heaters

  • Washers / Dryers

  • Electronics / TV’s

  • Computers / Monitors

  • Yard Waste / Construction Debris:

  • Bricks / Concrete

  • Limbs / Brush / Leaves

  • Dirt / Gravel

  • Wood / Lumber / Decking

  • Shingles

  • Pallets / Crates

  • Household Items:

  • Doors / Windows / Cabinets

  • Carpet / Padding / Tile

  • Sheetrock

  • Garage Items / TireTrash

We can safely remove, haul away, and donate all major furniture items including:

  • Old Sofas, and Sofa Beds

  • Tables, Chairs,End Tables

  • Mattresses, Box Springs

  • Book Cases, Hot Tubs

  • Desks,Old Couches,Recliners

  • Mirrors, Dressers

  • File Cabinets

  • Kids Toys

  • Hutch, Stool, Kitchen Chairs

  • Headboard/ footboard

  • Bed Frames

pile of junk

Removal & Recycling:

  • Appliance Removal & Appliance Recycling

  • Apartment, Home or Commercial Clean Out

  • Yard Debris & Green Waste Recycling

  • Deck, Landscape or Fence Removal & Recycling

  • Construction Debris Removal & Recycling

  • Furniture Removal & Donation

  • Junk Removal & Recycling

  • Electronic Recycling

  • Garage Cleanout

  • Light Demolition & Hauling

  • Sofa Removal


  • Scrap Metal - Paint (Latex/Water Based only) 

  • PlasticPipes


  • Home Cleanout

  • Apartment Cleanout

  • Garage Cleanout

  • Yard Cleanup

  • Light Demolition

  • Hot Tub Removal

  • Hauling

  • Construction Site

  • Cleanup

  • Office Cleanout

  • Office Furniture

  • Deinstallation and Removal




(203) 866-1990


Garbage, Debris & Trash Removal, Waste Management

Household, Domestic and Renovation Rubbish Removal in Fairfield County

Do you have rubbish slowly building up at home? Running out of space by allowing household junk to pile up? Looking to dispose of old computers, mattresses, television screens, large tables, old furniture or even rusted car parts? Or maybe you’re renovating your home and you are faced with loads of rubbish such as old fittings, tiles and carpets? Then call Connecticut Junk Removal for reliable and affordable rubbish and junk removal.

Deceased Estate Cleanups and Rubbish Removal in Fairfield County Connecticut

We have the experience in dealing with the sensitive and emotional nature of cleaning and removing contents of deceased estates by making sure that all contents are removed quickly, handled with care and disposed of responsibly.

Real Estate and End of Lease Rubbish Removal in Fairfield County Connecticut

If you’re a tenant, landlord or Apartment manager, then take the hassle out of disposing or recycling your waste, rubbish and old furniture by calling our professional and reliable team Protect your bond money by relying on our highly-skilled workers to do the job efficiently and making sure the property is up to scratch for inspection.

Industrial and Building Waste, Commercial and Office Rubbish Removal

Whether you are a small business or a large company requiring a waste management solution, We can provide a waste management and recycling solution to suit your needs. We transport, recycle or dispose all of your commercial, industrial, building and office waste.

Garden Cleanups and Green Waste Rubbish Removal

Need to get rid of green waste such as wood, shrubs, weeds, soil, stumps, clippings or tree barks from your property?

Doing the cleanup of your garden waste may not only be too difficult, but it can also be quite hazardous. From dead and sharp branches to excess blocks, heavy pavers and step stones. We offer services such as lawn mowing, small tree pruning, hedging, trimming and general garden clean ups. Let the experts take care of this and you don’t have to lift a finger. Call Connecticut Junk Removal for garden cleanup and green waste rubbish removal.

Whatever your needs and no matter how big or small the job is, you can rely on Connecticut Junk Removal's best Garbage & rubbish removal service to get the job done. With over 75 years in the business, we provide a same-day rubbish removal and collection service. With just one phone call at 203-866-1990 We will dispatch a professional, uniformed team that will come at a time that’s convenient for you, provide you with an up-front, all-inclusive quote for rubbish disposal, removal and recycling of all of your unwanted items.

junk removal

Please Call 7am - 9pm 7 Days A week (203) 866-1990

Couch, Loveseat and Sofa Removal

Whether you're moving, redecorating, or simply trying to free up some space in your Home, Connecticut Junk Removal Service is on hand to help. We offer cost-effective Couch & furniture removal services designed to make the process simple and hassle-free.



Couch and Loveseat removal can be stressful and time-consuming. And depending on the weight of your unwanted Couch and layout of your space, the task can be rather difficult. Why risk property damage or injury when our reliable team is on hand to help? Whether you need a single Couch or loveseat removed or have multiple Couches to get rid of, we have the tools and skill to handle the task at hand. No job is too big or too small, and we pride ourselves on complete professionalism and our commitment to your satisfaction.

If you need an old Couch, Loveseat or Sofa bed disposed of, Please Call Connecticut Junk Removal Service to get the job done. Call today for more information, we have same or next day couch removal 7 days a week.

We offer old couch, loveseat and sofa removal in these towns:

  • Bethel, Bridgeport 

  • Danbury, Darien

  • Easton, Fairfield

  • Newtown, Norwalk, Redding

  • Ridgefield, Greenwich

  • Monroe, New Canaan

  • Shelton, Stamford, Stratford

  • Trumbull, Weston

  • Westport, Wilton

junk truck

Thank you For Considering our Company for your junk removal needs

Please Call or Text (203) 866-1990

Mattress & Old Bed Removal & Recycling

If you are looking for convenient and easy mattress and furniture removal that is kind to both the environment and your wallet, Please Call Connecticut Junk Removal Today

No need to turn to other companies because customer satisfaction is our main goal

We provide the best furniture and old mattresses removal deals in Fairfield County

Mattress disposal and old Bed Removal is an issue for those who are upgrading to a new mattress and want to be environmentally friendly when disposing of their perfectly good old mattress. So what are their options? so if your mattress is not soiled or has no major damage, please check in your community for charities that will help you with your mattress disposal.

One of the first steps we must take towards living a greener and more sustainable lifestyle is by first disposing and recycling items that we either do not need or can no longer use. However, furniture and mattresses are harder to dispose of than other items and can be major hazards to the environment if they are not removed the right way.


Mattress Recycling

For those of you who do not have time to figure out the all of the options for getting rid of your old Bed & mattress, we can help!, Connecticut Junk Removal is ready to serve you, we will come out and remove your old mattress 7 days a week, inside or outside give us a call, pricing for this service depends on a number of factors like: do you need inside service?, can you get the mattress outside for same day pickup?..Give us a Call...(203) 866-1990

Junk Boat Removal

If you need to get rid of your old boat and can't sell it

or give it away, give us a call at
(203) 866-1990
We Remove boats up to 25'

Junk Boat Removal is Expensive

We recommend that you try first placing a Free AD on Craigslist, if your trailer is in good condition, someone might remove the junk boat free just for the trailer.

Most City Carting transfer stations in fairfield & new haven county accept boats, YOU Can to bring it to them, call them before you go, they charge a crushing fee and disposal fees by weight you must also show proof of ownership. If your handy with tools, cut it up, or rent a backhoe loader from home depot, crush it into manageable pieces, load it into a dumpster. 

The Junk Boat Removal process can get complicated, usually we have to remove the gas tank and engine, we have to pay Crushing and disposal fees by weight.

Most boats are contaminated with oil and gas, 

We have to adhere to EPA Removal Regulations.

Sometimes it has to be cut up on site, most of the time we have to separate it from your trailer and haul it away on a custom hydraulic lifting trailer.

Price List here is just a guide, we quote flat rate, each boat

removal situation is different, is it wood, fiberglass or metal? is it on a trailer? our boat removal service is not available in all areas, Text a picture to: (203) 866-1990

use our contact form, indicate what town your in, describe your situation, or call us.

Boats under 12ft ............. 200.00-600.00

Boats 12 - 17 ft ............. 600.00-1200.00

Boats 17ft - 19ft.......... 1200.00-1900.00

19ft - 25 ft ............... 1900.00-3500.00



CALL OR TEXT (203) 866-1990

Junk we do not take includes:

Important Note: We do not remove or dispose of any chemicals, or flammable liquids.

WE CAN HELP you with some your old paints cans or batteries. We encourage you to follow proper regulations to dispose of or hire properly licensed business to dispose of hazardous solvents, paints, and chemicals in an environmentally friendly manner. Call us for a Free Consultation about What to do with your HAZ-WASTE