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Our History - Connecticut Junk Removal LLC

Welcome to our History Page !

The Jennings Family of Fairfield have played a significant role in the history of  Fairfield Connecticut. We are directly related to one of the original pioneering families of Fairfield County.

The Fairfield branch of the Jennings Family was founded in 1650 when Joshua Jennings came to Connecticut. Over the next three hundred years, his descendents would become an indispensable part of Fairfield society. ...

Our Family, spanning the last 4 Generations, has provided:

Junk Removal, Recycling, Waste Disposal, Sewer & Septic Construction Services to

Fairfield County since 1941.

Our family history here, dates back over 350 years to one of the original pioneering families of Fairfield CT. Since first arriving here in the late 1600's, our direct descendants were all known to be honest, law-abiding, God-fearing, productive merchants, providing goods and services to the families and residents of Fairfield County.

​The old Yankees of New England were born into a world when everything was reused and recycled. Recycling was a way of life.

We still carry on those traditions today...

For fact checking purposes you may request a copy of our Jennings Family genealogy for Fairfield CT -This will be uploaded to your email in PDF Form.

Click the links below to be directed to our official historical documents.

The Jennings of Fairfield CT

Fairfield Connecticut historical Society (jennings family)

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