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We’ll Clean Out Your Garage—Not Your Wallet!

Our staff - Connecticut Junk Removal LLC

Meet our friendly Staff - Reliable, Neat, Organized and Dedicated. Working to create a Cleaner, less cluttered more Beautiful world for you and your Family....

junk removal crew 1
junk crew

Glenn Jennings - Owner

Glenn is the successor to the family business, leading the way with unsurpassed experience, under his leadership ct junk leads the way in fairfield county with top notch customer service.

Raul Carbuccia - Sales Manger

Raul is our Sales Manager, he also directs our removal crews, performs site checks & customer relations.

Vanessa - Office Manager

Vanessa has the organizational and customer service skills to keep it all together ! she manages our call center.

junk removal crew
junk crew

Harry - Crew Leader

Harry is on top of it!, he directs all of our truck helpers making sure everyone is working safely and carefully.

Jaun - Crew Leader

Jaun is amazing, his exceptional work ethic and strong ways keeps the job moving !

junk crew
ct junk crew
ct junk staff

Rest Assured, you are hiring one of the most Experienced, Reliable and Responsible Junk Removal and recycling company's in Fairfield County. Our work ethic, High Moral standards and the ability to Recycle and Reuse is unmatched.

You will enjoy a personal and professional experience like no other.​

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