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We’ll Clean Out Your Garage—Not Your Wallet!

Our Piano Removal Services

Let us remove your piano - Local - Trusted - Fully Insured - Experienced Professionals

Looking to get rid of an old Piano? We can remove it for you safely. Many People get stuck with old upright, baby grand pianos and even grand pianos. Whether it was inherited, left behind by a previous tenant or landlord, it can cause headaches and become an eyesore, as well as take up valuable space. Some people may even endure the bulky instrument in their properties thinking that it's worth lots of money since its an antique.

Old Pianos may definitely be antiques, however not in the same category as an old Victorian bedroom set that belong to great grandparents. These old instruments get worn out after decades or centuries of use, and may easily cost thousands of dollars to restore. Unfortunately, unless your piano is a family heirloom in excellent condition or made by a well-known master craftsman, it may not be worth restoring at all.

One thing is for sure, these old instruments are extremely heavy and bulky. Connecticut Junk Removal can help you get rid of your old piano, we specialize in piano removal services. We Donate most of the pianos we remove.

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Pricing varies for our professional piano removal service, please call us for a no obligation price quote over the phone, we charge a flat rate - all inclusive price.


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