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junk removal

Junk Wars

The Junk Wars are heating up in Fairfield county, did you know?, there are more junk removal companies in Fairfield county than Starbucks coffee shops. There is no other place in the world that has so many junk guys concentrated in one area, the reason? GOOD STUFF…the affluence of Fairfield county has produced some of …

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The Painting

It was a hot day at the town dump..the smell was the usual.. a powerful mixed stench of rotting garbage and smelly socks. here i was Dumping out the truck ..getting yelled at by the town dump workers for minor offenses like “no picking!”..The loud noises coming from the crushing and compacting machines, the old …

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Junk Removal Gold Rush

There’s gold in them thar hills! (attic spaces in fairfield county) amazing story of the day we found vials of gold dust by pure chance out of 100’s of bags & boxes of junk in the basement of an old estate in New Canaan CT……read more in next weeks excerpt…

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