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Welcome to our Junk Removal Newsroom

BREAKING NEWS! We are excited to announce gopro video productions of our junk removal crews at work. We are committed to giving back to our local communities and sharing our fascinating junk removal experiences ,so homeowners and businesses in Fairfield County can have an opportunity to see how junk removal services work. See how we separate, sort and donate all of the stuff people are throwing out. Watch live when our junk removal crews discover remarkable & amazing treasures & family heirlooms long lost in the bowels of their homes & Estates.

Note: We only show video of our customers who are willing to participate.

Our own "Guru" Podcast disc jocky

Listen to the Zany & Hilarious "Guru of junk removal" as he broadcast live podcast & junk removal video.

CT Junk Removal Press Release

Click the BIG red button to see our CT junk removal Press release on PR.COM

Did you know? Junk Removal is Big News! watch and listen live to see the Treasures and fantastic stuff people are throwing out in Fairfield & New Haven county, its amazing!

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Junk Removal News!

Connecticut Junk Removal LLC - Reality TV Show currently being produced for syndication. We are currently in beta Testing phase.

The Guru master of junk removal Podcast show

Enjoy Interactive live podcast discussions about Recycling, Reusing and Donating all of the stuff junk removal companies are hauling. Special guest speakers from local junk removal competitors and top executives from local large waste management companies.

About the “Guru Master” of junk removal

The guru master is a retired member of our Jennings family and is currently involved in the creation of Connecticut junk Removal LLC – Video Productions Reality TV.  He has been doing junk removal for over 50 years. The Guru has more experience in this business than anyone , anywhere. The Guru guides and advises us. We invite you to enjoy his insights and experiences in the fascinating world of junk removal. Check out his blog posts. The term “guru master of junk removal” is a nickname well earned from his colleagues, friends and associates.

Links to our Junk Removal news media headlines.

channel 8 news

Connecticut Junk Removal LLC

Local News media coverage on CT Channel 8 with Ann Nyberg

COVID-19 – Our company is committed to safe operating procedures. Your safety and health and that of our employees is the highest priority during this time. We have extensive precautionary measures in place to ensure the best possible safe practices, including wearing n95 masks and protective gloves at all times while providing  our customers with the highest level of quality service possible.

Thank you for choosing Connecticut Junk Removal LLC, We care.