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We Recycle

We Sort, Recycle, Reuse & Donate

Welcome to our recycling resources page, here you will find useful and informative information & links about the world of recycling. At Connecticut Junk Removal LLC, we are committed to helping the environment and keeping our communities clean. 


Our process of Recycling & hauling away junk: 

During the junk removal process, we sort and separate everything. We Reuse – most of our customers throw away stuff that can be reused, we have a large extended family, friends & neighbors that we give perfectly reusable items to. We Donate – When we are not giving stuff away we donate to local charities like Goodwill. We Recycle – Everything else is recycled in someway, so for instance at the town dump they have seperate bins for metal, tires, wood & garbage.  Every town dump is also called a transfer station, that means everything brought in by residents and companies must be sorted and separated, so for instance tires go into the tire bin, metal objects & items go into the metal bin, bulky waste goes into the large garbage hopper bin. The town then takes all the bins and “transfers” it out to the appropriate 3rd party recycler, so for instance all metal gets transported out of the transfer station,  to a metal recycler in Connecticut. they melt it down to be reused & turned back into useful stuff that is made of metal.

What is Recycling?


Recycling is the process of collecting and processing waste materials that would otherwise be thrown away as garbage and turning them into new products. Recycling can benefit your environment & the community.

Most experts agree that recycling remains an important way to reduce waste & litter and to recover valuable materials, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and conserving large amounts of energy. 

Benefits of Recycling

  • Reduces the amount of waste sent to incinerators & landfills.
  • Helps create jobs for the recycling  industries.
  • Prevents pollution by reducing the need to collect new raw materials.
  • Supports  manufacturing and  conserves valuable resources.
  • Conserves natural resources like timber,  minerals & water



The 3 Steps in the Recycling process:


Recycling involves the 3 steps below, which create a continuous loop, represented by the familiar recycling symbol.

 1 – Collection – Purchasing – Processing 


There are several methods for collecting recyclables , furniture, junk, metal items & garbage including curbside collection, junk removal service, drop-off centers, and deposit or refund programs. 

After collection, recyclables, junk, wood, old furniture  are sent to a recovery facility to be sorted, cleaned and processed into materials that can be used in manufacturing. Recyclables are bought and sold just like raw materials would be, and prices go up and down depending on supply and demand in the United States.

 2 – U.S.  Manufacturing Process


A lot of today’s products are being manufactured with recycled content. Common household items that contain recycled materials include the following:

  • Common Household junk
  • Exercise equipment
  • old furniture
  • Newspapers, magazines
  •  Plastic, glass soft drink containers,
  • Meta & Steel cans
  • Plastic laundry detergent containers

Recycled materials are also used in new ways such as recovered glass in asphalt to pave roads or recovered plastic in carpeting and park benches.

3 – Buying New Products Made from Recycled Materials 


Consumers help close the recycling loop by buying new products made from recycled materials. There are many thousands of products that have recycled content. When you go shopping, look for the following:

  • Products that contain recycled ingredients
  • Products that can be easily recycled

These are Some of the common products you can find that can be made with recycled materials.

  • Plastic Laundry detergent containers
  • Engine oil
  • metal Nails
  • magazines & Newspapers
  • Paper towels
  • products made from steel
  • Trash bags
  • beer and soda cans
  • Vehicle bumpers
  • Carpets
  • Cookie & Cereal boxes
  • Comic books & note pads
  • old Egg cartons
  • Glass & plastic containers

-Recycling also Creates jobs

The EPA released significant information about the economic benefits of the recycling industry , This study analyzed the numbers of jobs, wages and tax revenues attributed to recycling. The study found that in a single year, recycling & reuse activities in the United States accounted for:

  • 680,000 jobs
  • $38 billion in wages; and
  • $Over 5  billion in tax revenues.

This equates to almost 2 jobs per 1,000 tons of materials recycled and $67 in wages and $9.25 in tax revenue for every ton of materials recycled.

These Recycling links offer a wealth of information about recycling.


We are a proud sponsor of the Northeast Recycling Council

A leader in environmental sustainability and stewardship. The Northeast Recycling Council, Inc. (NERC)’s vision is a world in which waste is minimized and natural resources are conserved. Its mission is minimize waste, conserve natural resources, and advance a sustainable economy through facilitated collaboration and action.


Solid waste association of america

The Solid Waste Association of North America is an organization of public and private sector professionals advancing solid waste as a resource.

The National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA) is the voice in the nation’s capital for the private sector waste and recycling industry that is essential to maintaining the quality of American life. The delivery of waste and recycling services impacts all residential, commercial and industrial properties on a daily basis.

Thank you for recycling whenever possible, and thank you for choosing our company to help in this process.

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Thank you for choosing Connecticut Junk Removal LLC, We care.